the whole controversy around that game proved that to me at first, when it exploded, you saw people defending them then they came out with a statement saying they would try to do better. instantly this board was full of people saying "fuck them for listening to SJWs". which is funny cos they didn't actually do anything. but because they landed on the wrong side of the tribal wars they were


2021-02-24 · Welcome to The Daily Stupid, where we cover some of the dumbest and most idiotic things happening around the world and on the internet. Today, we’ve got more stupid including the hot wax challenge on TikTok, a Boba Fett fan site embarrassing itself, a crazy woman berating a couple of good Samaritans, and ResetEra coming for Harry Potter.

This makes for a controversial choice considering the leaks also reveal  26 Oct 2017 a new forum by the name of ResetEra has emerged, which includes many moderators and members that left NeoGAF after the controversy. 24 Oct 2018 This recent controversy involves GOG — a digital distribution sharing in the outrage; ResetEra takes a stance; a ResetEra admin chewing out  6 Sep 2018 This will probably be a bit controversial here and I know it. I knew ResetEra is bad but damn it's a wonder how these people even function in the  21 May 2019 Naturally, in a bid for survival, some sites have used the controversy and The media and the ResetEra's of the world have decided it's okay to  4 Nov 2018 The controversy would then spread to Twitter with people coming down on both sides: Please check and spread the below thread from ResetEra. Early on Monday morning, a thread on ResetEra created by member Skittles What proceeds is Dante doing the moonwalk like the controversial music icon. 2 Sep 2019 of retiring yet, though he is 78, and is now working on a horror movie inspired by the scandal engulfing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Resetera controversy

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And if they're particularly egregious they'll eventually open their mouths to say shit that gets them fired. Representation, however, is important and is not a self-correcting problem. 2019-07-18 · ResetEra has been mocked by various hubs online for what they see as catering to SJWs with oppressive and sometimes contradictory banning policies. Encyclopedia Dramatica described the site as "NeoGAF's twin, with all the pedophilia, rampant f*gg*try, insufferable social justice whining, and mods who drop the banhammer more often than Snacks ever did." 2021-02-24 · ResetEra, a popular video game forum known for constantly surfacing leaks and industry news, is now attracting attention following a moderation decision taken by the site’s moderation staff. ResetEra clearly wanted to do a small part to minimize that pain for its community. There will surely be people who try and argue that de-platforming Harry Potter discussions is a violation of free speech, which is the same argument Facebook and Twitter have faced for exercise their right as private platforms to decide which content they carry.

7,601. FR. Jan 2, 2019. #1. Just noticed that on twitter, but it seems that a project organized by Rami Ismail (well-known indie speaker from Vlambeer), based on an idea from another dev, is having a pretty big controversy. Meditations is a game launcher with a different indie game or "toy" available only one day, each day for the whole 2019 year.

For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "New Catherine: Full Body trailer has more sex and violence." - Page 7. De senaste tweetarna från @reseteraforum NeoGAF Video Game /pol/ ResetEra Gamergate Controversy, WELL COME PNG is a 1051x842 PNG image with a transparent background. Tagged under Neogaf, Video Game, Pol, Resetera, Gamergate Controversy.

26 Dec 2020 Bridgerton, Shonda Rhimes's first collaboration with Netflix, may be a sumptuous, scandal-laced frolic through Regency London. But like many 

Resetera controversy

Just noticed that on twitter, but it seems that a project organized by Rami Ismail (well-known indie speaker from Vlambeer), based on an idea from another dev, is having a pretty big controversy. Meditations is a game launcher with a different indie game or "toy" available only one day, each day for the whole 2019 year. 2021-02-24 · ResetEra Bans All Hogwarts Legacy Threads. ResetEra takes big steps in response to the recent controversy surrounding Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy's lead designer Troy Leavitt. Despite not Se hela listan på Jan 20, 2021. #58.

Resetera controversy

Avatar Vendor | June 17, 2019 392 Views 0 Likes 5 On 1 Rating. script async  19 Nov 2020 Epic Games' Shadow Complex Remastered was recently patched and is now backwards compatible with the PlayStation 5. Resetera poster "  NeoGAF Video game /pol/ ResetEra Gamergate controversy, WELL COME, game, text, logo png · PNG tags · License · PNG info · Online resize png · Related png  25 Feb 2021 OK, I didn't think it could get any more stupider than the last "controversy" but once again, I have been proven wrong. ResetEra, the internet's  21 Feb 2021 currently working on controversial Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy. Several users on popular gaming forum ResetEra have asked  2 Mar 2021 Last month, Hogwarts Legacy faced more controversy after gaming ResetEra, one of the largest video game forums, enacted “a total ban on  11 Feb 2020 A lone ResetERA user has review bombed AI: The Somnium Files lot of the “ controversy” surrounding it is that they decided not to completely  5 Jun 2020 posted in Vs. mode: Politics & Controversy: I mean, outside of your more That was the reason most of the staff left to start ResetEra, wasn't it?
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You'll need a secret code to be a part of this first Resetera, one of the largest independently owned video game forums, People on Twitter are waiting to see a response from Warner Bros., and see how they handle both the controversy, Is there any real 'controversy' out there or just a couple of tweets and comments on Kotaku or Resetera? People should be free to say whatever they want without being cancelled/getting fired/getting bullied by a (in this case sjw) mob. 2021-03-05 · Hogwarts Legacy lead designer Troy Leavitt has left Avalanche Software following controversy over a YouTube channel where he defended the Gamergate harassment movement and executives accused of Now we're a few years down the road from the initial 'scandal, I'd say it's pretty clear that yeah, it wasn't a problem, and the whole controversy was just the early power grabs by the extreme left using everyone's fear of being called sexist, to work their way into positions of authority to further push their hateful beliefs onto people.

But the public doesn’t always respond well to provocation, especially if a movie pushes too many boundaries. Some films on this list are celebrated with several awards fo It is widely assumed that manage content providers are subject to the laws wherever their data is hosted, but what happens when content delivery is global?
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The brilliant game designers at ResetERA have come up with a lot of ways to 'improve' Persona. Some are pretty good, many of them are not, a couple are just

I like it. I don't like it. How do you feel about the Star Wars prequels (episod Halloween Controversies - Halloween controversies center on upset Wiccans, disturbed Christians and concerned parents. Learn about Halloween controversies and changing traditions. Advertisement ­Although Halloween comes in part from Christi From puppy mills to beauty standards, the themes of these commercials provoked polarizing reactions. The best commercials get people talking. For a company pouring money into a high-profile, expensive campaign (not to mention dropping milli Despite the heated controversy surrounding these lightning-rod books, they continue to live on in hearts, minds, and libraries around the world.


Founded in late 2017, ResetEra quickly gained prominence for being the source of a wide range of gaming rumors and leaks, and members of the video game industry are known to also participate in discussions on the website. De senaste tweetarna från @ResetEraNT 2021-02-25 · Resetera, one of the internet’s largest video game forums, banned all promotional material for Avalanche Studios’ upcoming is a unique problem on top of this latest controversy. Resetera somehow thinks that their crusade against some dude who made videos are going to do anything lol. Last edited: Feb 25, 2021 Reactions: MrRogers , Punkster88 and KiNeMz 2021-03-16 · What has Matt James said about the controversy?

#58. z1ggy said: Actually from my steam list two people refunded the game, but overall most people liked the game.